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Gameplay Tip**

Spawners can be destroyed and you'll need to destroy a specific one to unlock the first boss.


As an advanced hybrid life-form you have a number of skills at your disposal:

  • Shoot out enzymes to damage enemy bacteria. 
  • Use a charged attack that does more damage but also requires more energy and depletes your defenses.
  • Turn your own arm into a weapon and deal slash damage to enemies and deliver enough force to knock them backwards
  • Create an energy shield to guard against enemy attacks. While like this, you can't attack but you move much faster and can easily evade enemy attacks.
  • Leap over your enemies to dodge attacks and avoid getting cornered.


It is the twenty-first century, and a large meteor has struck the Earth’s atmosphere, which deteriorated the solid mass into tiny particles that reached the surface with very little impact. But, unbeknownst to the world’s population, the meteor’s debris contained deadly microscopic alien organisms. One particular danger is a lifeform called Thremminaria, also known as “the Pudge,” which is a parasite that acts in the same fashion as a virus. The alien attacks the thyroid gland, restricting the production of thyroid hormone, ruining its victim’s metabolism and causing them to quickly gain a large amount of weight, have a decreased amount of energy, and eventually to die through exhaustion.

In order to counter the Earth’s new threat, a team of university researchers, including students in the field of medicine, mechanical engineering, and bio engineering, have teamed together to create Zoa: a hybrid of an amoeba and robot, also known as an “amoebot.” With Zoa, humanity is able to fight the Thremminaria on the microscopic plain that the aliens exist upon. But the amoebot is currently in its testing phases, and in order to gauge the functionality of the robot hybrid, the researchers have collected a tissue sample in a Petri dish that contains various strains of the Thremminaria. Zoa must now be placed within that Petri dish in order to fight and to prove his capabilities in aiding the world from the enemy pathogen.


Chris Carlson - Lead Engineer, Project Manager, Tech Artist

Davyn Anderson - Lead Artist, Game Designer, Level Designer

Katrina Nahn - Artist

Ada McFarlane - Artist

Alissa Sanchez - Artist


Unity 3D 5.x.x


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